As humans, we’re an interesting bunch. We all want things to change for the better. We are rarely happy being where we are in life and at the very same time, we resist change with all of our might!

So let me see if I understand this. We want things to get better, and by definition, what we’re really saying is that we want things to be different than they are right now. How that happens is that something has to change.

We’re all in on this kind of change, right? Or are we?

We work hardest of all to maintain our lives as we’ve come to know them. If we see ourselves as being a certain way and suddenly decide to change in any way that is no longer consistent with the idea of who we think we are, we panic!

We’ll do anything at all to resist change!

Or, we’ll pretend to embrace change, as long as it’s easy and painless and doesn’t leave us feeling lost in some way.

I think we can do a better job here and instead of being fearful of change (which is a normal part of life). We can learn to make peace with it and use it to our advantage instead of being fearful in the face of change.

Change is indeed one of the few constants in our lives, and if we use our energy to fight against it, that leaves us drained and unable to really create the kind of life we really desire.

I’ve adopted a new mantra for myself and you’re certainly welcome to use it if you feel it’s right for you too.

Here’s what I believe:

“The more things change, the better off I’ll be.”

This applies to politics, the economy, certainly the Internet, technology, relationships, personal issues, and pretty much anything else too.

Our biggest battles, it seems, are when we resist the natural course of change and try with all of our might to keep things as they were.

Look around. That simply does not work and instead causes you to become bitter, burned out, and eventually fall out of the game of life.

On a cruise ship that was being bounced around in the rolling ocean making many people on board reach for the motion sickness pills, I heard something I’d heard before.

Instead of resisting the rolling waves and trying to pretend that you’re still on solid ground with no movement, embrace the rolling, flowing life of the ocean instead.

This new perspective changed the experience for me. Now I was actually enjoying the rolling ocean as a sign of life.

Sure it was a change from being on land, but I could now enjoy it in a whole new way and I looked forward to the ocean rolling out even bigger waves, which it did right about dinner time that very same day.

So here’s a new thought.. ride the wave of life. Recognize that nothing is static and change is the natural order of things.

The more you can make peace with that idea, the easier life will become for you.

Lighten up! Life was never meant to be boring!

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
Your e-Coach