What I’m going to share with you here is a secret of sorts. It’s something that almost nobody talks about when they talk about building a successful business, yet it’s at the core of ANY business that achieves any level of lasting success.

It’s a word that may scare you, but it’s truly not all that scary. It’s the dreaded “R-word” RELATIONSHIPS!

Without exception, whenever I’ve met with business leaders, the number on thing they all have in common is that they have the ability to create lasting relationships with the people around them.

From the janitor to the banker, being a person who can connect, really connect, will help you make more progress than any other tool, any app, or any newfangled strategy ever could!

In fact, at one point in my career, I had very few quality relationships and I knew that was hurting my success. Once I realized this fact, I began working to build better relationships with not just my clients, but my suppliers, friends, and began making new connections an active part of every day. It didn’t take long for me to see the results and this became the most important thing on my list from that point forward.

In this episode of Coach’s Corner, I had the pleasure of speaking with a passionate leader who knows a LOT about building relationships. My guest, Felicia Slattery, has a TON of insights to share with you about relationships and why they matter.

Plus, you’ll hear some great strategies for networking and building your network fast.