Let's Create Something Special Together!

Reach A New Audience As a featured Guest on the Coach's corner podcast!

As a guest on the Coach's Corner podcast, you will be able to showcase your message in front of audiences on as many as 48 different platforms! 

We live stream your interview to multiple sites and are distributed on many other social media sites, podcast apps, and web sites after the live stream is done!

Then, we drive additional key word targeted traffic to your interview to make sure you get in front of thousands of additional viewers. 

If you are a good fit, we want you to be a guest on our podcast!

Here are the Juicy Details

Coaches, small business owners, and entrepreneurs often find that growing their business is a lonely, frustrating, and far too many end up quitting before they find success. I created the Coach's Corner podcast to offer help to these people. 

Each episode offers solutions, strategies, and resources that can help my viewers/listeners thrive in uncertain times. 

If you have a message that you believe my audience would find to be valuable, I'd like to speak with you about possibly being featured on my podcast. (Yes, I'm picky about who I bring on as a guest!) 

What We Will Create Together:

We'll start with a strategy session together to plan a powerful show together and find the right date to do the live stream. 

Think of this as a chance to get clear on what you'll present, how best to present it, and then we'll figure out the best offer you can make to our audience.  

Once we have a date booked, we will start pre-promoting the show to my viewers/listeners. 

Then, on the day of the live stream we'll go live for 60 minutes. (see where we stream live below)

When the stream is done, it will be distributed to every major podcast directory and also submitted to many more social media sites (see list below).

I'll also send out an e-mail to my house list inviting people to watch the replay so that we maximize viewership to our core audience. Then, to get even more views, we will invest in key word specific traffic to dramatically increase the number of people who see your interview. 

What You Get

Once we complete our show, you'll be able to use it any way you see fit. 

You will get a copy of the original edited video so you can upload it to your own channels and post it on your web site and on your social media too. 

You'll also get a list of links to the sites where you can find your interview.  

Our show is produced in a professional studio, so you'll have that "as seen on TV" look and feel. 

This can help open many doors for you and lead to more interview invitations and media appearances as it has for many of our previous guests. 

You are encouraged to make an offer of something either free or low cost (ebook, video, ecourse, etc.) to attract people to sign up to your e-mail list and/or follow you on social media. 

Our goal is simple: We want you to look great, sound great, and be positioned as a thought leader in your field! We will do all we can to encourage people to take advantage of your offer. 

Your Investment

When I first mentioned what I wanted to do with my mastermind group, they thought I was crazy for pricing this so low. But, I explained to them that I see this as a partnership where we BOTH benefit from your appearance on my show. 

So instead of asking for $2,500 or more, which I'm sure many would be happy to pay, I'm going to do all of this for you for just a single one-time investment of just $1000. We've spent a year building our unique system and now it's ready for YOU!

We will handle all the back-end details so that you just need to show up at your very best and present.

Interested in Being on the Show?

Great! Use this link to book our strategy session together. This is simply a time to strategize our show and get it on the calendar if we both agree you would be a great fit for our audience. 

I look forward to speaking with you and planning an amazing show with you!

Be Outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
Host of the Coach's Corner Podcast

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Coach's Corner with Robert Imbriale
Coach's Corner with Robert Imbriale
Robert Imbriale

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