What if you could get past ANYTHING that has been holding you back from realizing your dream of owning your own successful business?

For many of us when we hit a wall, that may be it for our dream. We may simply not be able to find a way past this obstacle and hence we remain stuck or we just quit.

This was true for me far too often. I’d get on a roll, then I’d hit a point where I was unable to continue to move forward, so I’d find a way to get distracted and soon enough, I was onto a new project.

In hindsight, this was always a bad idea because I meant that I’d be back at square one, only heading in a new direction.

So what’s a better way?

What can you do when you hit these inevitable obstacles that keep from you moving forward? The big lesson here is NOT that you will ever be able to avoid such things. They are a normal and natural part of the process of life.

The real question that remains to be answered is what are you going to do about it?

Will you do whatever it takes? Few people take this route.

Will you find a new venture in a new direction and get into a new project? This was my approach and it’s often the wrong approach to take.

Or will you, like so many others, simply give up and decide that what you thought you really wanted is simply unobtainable?

What I am going to suggest is that you get into the mindset of doing whatever it takes to move past the obstacles.

Here’s a quick story for you to ponder.

Back in 2003, I had an idea for building a social network for business owners. I thought it would be so cool to have a place to network, to meet fellow entrepreneurs, to share resources, leads, and talk about the latest and greatest in the business world.

So I went to hire a programmer to help me realize my dream. I chose a top guy who really knew his stuff. He listened to me carefully outline my idea, and took a few days to think about how to make the software to make it happen.

A week went by and he finally calls me to tell me what I had in mind “is not possible to create.”

At that point, I trusted his viewpoint since he knew more about software and programming than I did. And within a short time, I was off onto another project.

Fast-forward a short time later.. and Linkedin was launched. Hmmm.. that was MY idea!

But I hit a wall and STOPPED. They likely hit that very same wall, and found a way to move beyond it.

The difference between a massive success and a complete failure is often simply in how we deal with the obstacles we run into.

I failed in realizing my idea because I hit a wall and stopped while somebody else with a very similar idea found a way.

So here is my advice (gained from having been on the front lines for many, many years) when you hit an obstacle.. reach out to your network and ASK for help!

What may seem insurmountable to you at the moment can be as simple as hitting a few keys and a click of the mouse for somebody else.

Your solution is out there.. if only you’ll reach out and ask for help!
Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale

P. S. Use your social media networks to reach the people you need to reach. Hey, I’m using Linkedin more now than ever.. because it was such a brilliant idea and it really does work!