It can be quite frustrating to feel boxed in and unable to share comments, posts, ideas, and opinions that are not in line with that the powers that be approve of. This is censorship and it’s unAmerican on every level.

If you’ve been paying attention, you can see how it started slowly with just a few posts here and there being removed. And since it began, it’s only gotten more and more aggressive. And it wont’ stop unless there is pushback against it.

That’s where we come in. It feels that we have no power, that we just have to sit back and accept all of this censorship, but in fact, the opposite is actually the truth. We do, on so many levels, have enormous power to impact what’s been going on and we can indeed crush it before it crushes us.

In this episode of Coach’s Corner, I’ll share some of my thoughts on this and I would strongly suggest that if you find value in what I have to say, you share this message with your friends and followers too. It’s a message many need to hear if we are to stop the craziness that’s happening all around us.

We have more power than we know and we can take it back

Watch the video, or listen to the audio version here: