Coaching for Coaches Who Hate Selling

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Coaching for Coaches who Hate Selling

Dear Fellow Coach,

I hated selling my coaching services, but I LIVE to coach! It was hard to be a coach without the need to “sell” people on hiring me as their coach, but I was determined to figure out a better way.

I hated the “don’t coach them until they pay you” approach to enrolling new clients. But when I started coaching in 1995, that was the prevailing wisdom from the experts.

It didn’t take me long to find that better way I was seeking. It was during my time in Chicago when I hired as the “Head Coach” for a Tony Robbins franchise operation that I began to find what I was looking for.

My job was to literally meet with clients and then sell them into our seminar and coaching programs. Honestly, I hated it. Selling was just not my thing.

One of the virtual seminars we were selling back then was one Tony Robbins created and it was called “Power to Influence.” This was about 36 hours of Tony on VHS video tape, very old school, but it was filled with valuable tools that I took and then applied to my role as Head Coach.

I was motivated to create a situation where I would be able to enroll people into our programs that did not require the usual selling strategies, arm-twisting, and pushiness we all hate so much.

So I took lots and notes and then started by creating an outline for my coaching sessions that would allow me to be flexible in the content of my coaching, but yet still allow me to stay on track and enroll my clients – without any hard selling.

At first, it was a little rough, but soon, I had refined my little system to the point where clients were literally asking me what programs they could enroll in – often without me having to ask!

After coaching more than 2,000 people face-to-face in the space of my 2 years in Chicago, I had completely refined and tested my system. I was able to teach our entire coaching team this system and the results were eye-opening.

Coaches love to coach, so they coached. And they enrolled. And they made a nice commission on every sale they made. Not one of them had ever sold prior to working on our team, yet they were able to coach their way to sales following my unique system!

From my personal experience, I was closing an average of 8 out of every 10 people I coached and never had to “sell” any of them!

For those that didn’t buy, it was usually for reasons like they were really not ready to take that next step, and it was rarely about money.

I’d love to show you my system and train you on how to use it to build your coaching business as well!

If you want to know if working with me can help you achieve your goals, the first place to start is by listening to the testimonials from my past and current clients on this page.

Then set up an appointment for us to speak. There is NO OBLIGATION and NO COST for this, but the time we spend together will be valuable to you, I promise![/text_block]

Coach, Eric Lofholm

Eric Lofholm

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]”As a direct result of working with Robert, I have increased my company’s income by more $500,000 in sales that I would not have done without his help.”

Eric Lofholm
President, Sales Coach
Eric Lofholm International, Inc.[/text_block]