The testimonials that follow were gathered from clients who have hired Robert as their coach, have attended Robert’s seminars, and/or have purchased his training programs.


Listen to Mary’s comments about working with Robert:

Dr. Mary Heidkamp
President and Founder




Listen to Kelly’s comments about working with Robert:

Kelly Bouchard
Bouchard International



Listen to Suzie’s comments about working with Robert

Suzie Dawson
Intuitive Life Coach




“Robert Imbriale is a marketing genius. When I first met Robert I was conducting all of my sales and marketing efforts offline.  Robert taught me how to use online marketing to benefit my business and it really worked! He then showed us how to integrate online marketing tactics with my existing offline strategies.

Robert has helped me with advertising strategies, product development ideas as well as many other powerful marketing ideas.  As a direct result of Robert’s marketing strategies I have increased my company’s income by more $500,000 in sales that I would not have done without his help.”

Eric Lofholm
Eric Lofholm International, Inc.


“Robert Imbriale captivated the audience with his actionable and motivating presentation. His on target, specific techniques give people what they need individually to enrich their life, achieve their dreams, and make revolutionary changes in their life.”

“I am impressed not only by Robert’s philosophy on life, but more importantly, by his own personal integrity and burning desire to help other people. Robert Imbriale has the rare talent of being not only a great speaker, but real-world experience which he can passionately relate to real-life challenges.”

Michael Penland
Matrix International, Inc.


“I have never seen any speaker so completely mesmerize an audience — any audience — the way Robert Imbriale can. He possesses the enviable ability to build an> instant rapport that makes people focus and listen so closely everyone is literally leaning toward him as he speaks.

And Robert’s message is so vital to everyone, so needed and so truly inspiring, it’s a good thing he has this talent, because people in all walks of life will benefit from the time they spend with Robert on the stage.

He combines a natural intensity with charm and wit to deliver a timeless message of empowerment no one should ignore, based on a lifetime of committed research into the inner power we all possess.”

The Late, Great Alan R. Bechtold, President
BBS Press Service, Inc.


“Robert is brilliant. Because of what I learned from Robert, my business and my life has been improving exponentially. Robert’s passion for helping others is contagious and inspiring.”

Kris Solie-Johnson
Chancellor & President
American Institute of Small Business


“Robert…What a powerful three days. I can see how applying what I have learned this past three-days will increase my net worth 10 fold. By discovering and seeing that positive thinking isn’t enough to become financially successful is truly life changing.”

“That alone was worth attending and has broken a personal self-imposed mental barrier, which prevented my becoming successful. And the impact goes well beyond financial success. By attending I discovered a hidden richness in life within me that will improve my personal relationships and make me a better person.”

“I highly recommend this course to anyone and am looking forward to attending any follow-on courses as they become available.”

Kris Chrisman, President
Web Millionaire Depot
Thousand Oaks, CA


“You Robert made me realize that I should do that which I am passionate about and that is spreading the arts through music and education.”

“My music is being performed on a higher level and my gigs have been big smashes every one bigger and better. I love that.”

Jorge Arguello
Musician, Actor, Coach

Listen to Susan’s comments about working with Robert:

Susan Haley
Creative Director, Game Designer

OUTSTANDING! I’ve learned more in 2 and half days with you than most people learn in years of traditional education. Now I am ready to take my business and my life to the next level!

Cathy Devan,
Long Island, NY

“Robert was EXCELLENT! He was friendly, knowledgeable, and he kept everybody’s attention. I only wish his seminar would have been longer.”

Suzanne Milstead
Publicity Consultant to the Stars
Beverly Hills, CA

“Many people give you a piece of the solution. Robert gives you the keys to the Palace!”

Jeffrey Najar
Julian, CA

“Robert removes the the dot com hype, mystery, and makes it practical, realistic, exciting, and above all, possible!”

Breckinridge Armstrong
Los Angeles, CA

“Few people can hold my attention for 9 hours. Robert did! This is the best Learning Annex class I’ve ever taken!”

Gini Pederson
College Professor
San Diego, CA

“I arrived feeling confused about the Internet. By the time I left, I was feeling like I can do this!”

Josephine Restrepo
Real Estate Agent, San Diego, CA

“Robert’s seminar was fabulous! I will recommend it to everyone I know who has a web site and a bsiness.

Victoria Kaplan
Los Angeles, CA

“This is the most definitive Internet marketing seminar I have ever attended!”

Lynn Fooks

Los Angeles, CA

“Robert, I just had to write you and let you know that the Master Course to Financial Success was the Best course I’ve ever taken for clearing out the mental and emotional blocks to wealth, and putting me
solidly on the path to the life of my dreams!”

John Tudor
PayGen International ( USA)

“I can’t remember ever getting so much value for such a reasonable fee. Thank you so much, Robert!”

Troy Lassoe
Deckmocks, Inc.
Carlsbad, CA

“I’m ready to start my search engines! Thank you, Robert!”

Marla Phillips
Los Angeles, CA

“Robert helped me think outside of the box. He woke up my creative thinking.”

Trina O ‘Quinn
San Diego, CA

“Robert is a great instructor, he motivates and inspires”

Rueben Schainer
Los Angeles, CA

“I know now that I can reach all of my goals!”

Denice Rochelle
Internet Entrepreneur

“Robert delivered a very informative and well-presented seminar with a very sensitive and personal approach to selling on the Internet. Thank you for sharing with us.”

Cindy Serochi
San Diego, CA

“Awesome! Robert’s enthusiasm is so catching, I can’t wait to get back to work!”

Max Kaye
Los Angeles, CA

“Great delivery! Great Content!”

Darryl Adamson
San Diego, CA

“This course is a goldmine! Many courses over promise and under deliver. “Double Your Business” over delivered Thanks Robert!”

Ann Weidenbacher
San Diego, CA

“Robert made a complicated subject more understandable and much less intimidating”

Dan Gomez
Business Owner
San Diego, CA

“I came here knowing nothing about the Internet. You provided a very good jump start for me to bypass the trial and error stage and get right into the making money stage! You were born to
be a leader!”

Mike Hudzinski
Riverside, CA

“Robert’s enthusiasm and knowledge made the day totally enjoyable and motivating! The information was invaluable and I know I can put this information to work immediately, with confidence.”

Gary Knight
San Diego North County Economic Delevopment Council
San Diego, CA

“Robert is the most fabulous teacher! I have never been so excited to get to work and apply all his wonderful advice! Thank you so much.”

Karen Snell
Los Angeles, CA

“Robert is a real expert. He has a wealth of information and a sincere and loving heart to share. He uses the principle of giving as a fundamental tenet. He removes all doubt and years of trial and error.”

Mawiyah Clayborne, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA

“Robert is a very effective and personable instructor. He taught me about some great marketing tools.”

Judy Callea
Los Angeles, CA

“Awesome information! I know I can apply some of the things I learned tonight to improve my business.”
Kristina Smith
Business Owner
Los Angeles, CA