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Attract more clients. Reach more people. Set up new opportunities to speak almost at will. 

There are many largely unknown potential audiences available to you to speak to, typically without the need for any travel. Think webinars and/or webcasts. 

Most speakers will wait to be invited to speak, and they get whatever offers happen to come their way. It's passive and unpredictable. 

But I've found a better way to get in front of more audiences, almost at will, where there is often zero competition, and zero cost for you either upfront or in the form of shared profits on your sales after the event. 

And not just "any old audience" either. Most of the time you'll be speaking to highly targeted audiences who will buy what you have to offer. 

I'd like to set up a call with you to share more about what I've been doing for myself and my clients since 2009 because I think it would be of great value to your career too. 

If you're interested in learning more, you can use this link to set up a time for us to speak. No cost, no obligation.