I know, I’m an old-timer now. My first experience “online” was in 1984 using a Commodore64 computer and 300 baud modem. BUT that experience opened my eyes to a whole new world that somehow I knew would be life-changing!

My very first sale came 5 years later in 1989, when I sold a market research report for $1,100.00! That really got my attention!

Since that time, I’ve lived on the cutting edge of Internet marketing and have pretty much seen and done it all when it comes to selling online.

What’s interesting is that it has never been EASIER to make money online! The tools are easier to use. They are faster to set up. And even if you hate marketing and selling, you can still make money online very easily!

What stops most people? That is the million-dollar question and it’s answered in this episode of Coach’s Corner!