When it comes time for finding new coaching clients, do you spend money on ads?

Do you use social media?

What about Facebook?


We’re all in the same boat when it comes to reaching out to potential clients, yet some of us have an unfair advantage!

For instance, you can actually learn to use social media sites to attract new clients without having to spend money on advertising. Yeah, I thought it sounded too good to be true as well – BUT after hearing what my guest had to share, I can see how it’s not only possible, it’s actually not that hard!

In this episode of Coach’s Corner, my guest is a successful business coach who has created many systems that allow her to help her clients reach 6 and 7 figure annual incomes.

Wendy Maynard teaches service-based business owners the fastest and most effective way to grow their companies.

She has helped thousands of people over the last two decades build highly-profitable businesses.

Wendy co-founded a multi-million dollar marketing firm, wrote the book Marketing from the Inside Out. She now has her own 6-figure business at WendyMaynard.com that focuses on authentic online marketing, creating Signature Offers, and generating a steady stream of premium clients.

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