You may have been thinking about starting your own podcast. Why not, it seems everybody and their brother these days has their own podcast, but is it right for YOU?

What about being a guest on existing podcasts? Does that make sense? 

There are benefits to both sides of this and to help unravel it all, I have a very special guest for you today. 

Nicole Holland shares some deep insights into the world of podcasting and the reasons why it makes sense to get involved now. 

More About Our Guest

Nicole Holland is a highly sought after Marketing Strategist & Consultant who specializes in helping businesses and brands strategically leverage podcasts to scale.

Focused on lead generation and conversion, Nicole helps her clients deliver Interviews That Convert™ as the featured expert on other people’s podcasts, and create Podcasting Goldmines™ of their own designed to attract, nurture, and convert cold traffic into hot leads for the business.