I was driving to my studio today and thinking about how things were prior to COVID. And I wondered if they would ever go back to those times. Sadly, I think we have moved too far now to ever go back. We are in fact living in very different times.

When you look forward, do you see a predictable path forward or do you see continued chaos?

Most of the coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs that I speak with these days remain uncertain about the future. They cannot see past all the disruptions, the fear, the politics, and the fear.

Can you blame them? It’s simply not “business as usual” even thought we all wish it were!

So how can you navigate it all? I suggest that you stay informed. Stay connected to real news and get the facts, not the narrative. Yes, that takes time, it takes effort. But that’s what our people look to us for.. answers.

I want you to remain informed. I want to stay on top of everything, as much as you can. And I want you to join us in stepping up and talking about the issues with anybody who will listen. That is our path forward and it cannot happen without as many of us as possible stepping up now.