Listen, it’s been rough. It continues to be rough and in some places it’s getting worse as more and more shutdowns seem to just keep coming.

It’s taxing on us all. Being deprived of our basic freedoms (like breathing freely in public) is causing very bad depression in our society. We’re frustrated. We’re angry. Our leaders have been compromised, bought out, threatened, and are totally feckless.

Our courts have turned their backs on us. And who knows where our military is and what they are planning, or not.

There’s not a lot of great news on the horizon, and the question on our minds is when does it all end? When can we get our lives back? When we get back to building our businesses, get back to following our dreams, setting new goals, creating new relationships, and just plain old having fun!

Well, I have some thoughts on all of this and a solution that will get us to the end of this horrible pandemic sooner rather than later.

When does it all end? When can we get back to life as usual?

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