Why is money such a tough topic for so many people? Yet for others, money just flows to them and there seems to be nothing they can do to stop it.

And it really has little to do with the kind of business they run, the job they hold, or what other “thing” they are into because you can see this very same thing happen in every industry with every kind of business model you can imagine!

Trust me when I say, that your choice of industry or business model has little to do with how successful you will become.

I know that may go against the conventional “wisdom” that says you have to pick “the right business model” if you ever want to have any chance of success. And yet, I can show you examples of people who are rocking it with crappy business models in industries you may have thought died years ago!

So what does your level of wealth and success have to do with the business you’re in, or the job you have? In my experience, much less than we’ve been taught to believe!

I just finished reading the second book by Pam Grout on this topic, and I am highly impressed by what she had to share.

Pam is a down-to-Earth writer who writes as if she’s speaking with you in person (the way I like to write too!) making her books very enjoyable to read.

But what’s most important here is that she gives you little experiments that will clearly demonstrate to you how to shift your thinking so that no matter what you do, in whatever industry you’re in, you can be more successful.

Sounds good right? But does it really work?

Well, I did the experiments for myself as I read the first book, and hit a home run right out of the gate that resulted in $10,000 in new, unexpected business for me.

By the time I got to the end of her second book, I can honestly say, my approach to life, relationships, and my business has completely shifted.

I’m not here to sell you on buying her books, but they are not hitting “Best-Seller” status on all the lists that matter because she orchestrated some major book launch and had everybody e-mail their lists.


She’s done it because people like me who have actually read her books and felt the impact of her message are now eager to share that experience with the people we care about.

I’ve given these books to friends and family members, and all of them had the same reaction: WOW!

My suggestion… get both books and start reading E2 first and do the experiments she lays out for you. They are easy to do and I suspect you’re going to love what happens next..



No need to thank me.. Pam did all the heavy lifting here in writing these books!

But do tell me your success stories because that is what really makes my day!

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
Your e-Coach